Sky Trail presents:

A Collection of Bad Moments


Released in January 12 2018

A Collection of Bad Moments is an adventure game where you are thrown into a several different challenging short scenarios through which you must navigate your way out by using your wits! The scenarios vary greatly, from asteroid mining mission gone astray and simulated reality to airship duel.

Exciting Moments

In ACOBM, the player faces several different adventure scenarios that require quick thinking to escape a tough moment.

Exotic locations

ACOBM has various of exotic location, varying from asteroid in space to virtual reality and an airship among others.

7 scenarios

ACOBM has seven different scenarios, varying from asteroid impact themed Prospector 9, futuristic city adventure Roof Escape, peaceful and mysterious virtual reality adventure Beyond Green Lane to high soaring pirate filled Sky Captain. Two of the Moments are unlockable hidden adventures!

Other fun

The game has hidden bonus moments, a free DLC moment 'The Vault', Steam achievements, localisation to three additional languages and partial controller and HMD VR support.


Roof Escape

Find your escape from the skyscraper flycar platform. Armed agents are right behind you!


Exotic locations

Exotic locations

The game has a variety of exotic locations, from cold scifi halls to fantasy airship and beyond.

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Prospector 9

Prospector 9

In another adventures, you are carrying out mining operations when an asteroid strikes the planet you orbit. Can you survive it?

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Beyond Green Lane

Beyond Green Lane

In one of the adventures, you wake up in VR simulation after untold years of hibernation. Find your way through the mysterious town and discover what lies beyond it in reality.


Bonus Adventures

Bonus Adventures

Discover is there more behind the myth of the Amazing Hobo!

Sky Captain

Nice day to soar through the clouds. Wait... was that a cannon being fired


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